Louisville, KY Pre-Conferences: September 20, 2016 Conference: September 21-22, 2016


Church Team Training

Media, technology and the world in general change daily. So do the needs of church staff and congregations. WFX is the only event that offers the entire, cross-ministry team the education, training and inspiration it needs to grow more and do more for Christ.

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Why WFX?

WFX focuses on the top 10 big educational and development needs of running your church, regardless of size or tradition.

  1. Church buildings do not support current and future ministry needs which limit their kingdom impact
  2. Worship technology updates and projects are needed but they are complicated and costly
  3. Church staff development efforts are mediocre or non-existent
  4. Tech leaders have  a heart to serve, but they need development, support, and spiritual nourishment
  5. Church communications strategies and tactics need to evolve and engage today's culture
  6. Facility operation costs and the need for more safety and security efforts are outstripping budgets
  7. Churches run on volunteers but churches struggle to recruit, train and manage them
  8. Tech and creative arts teams need ideas and training support the increasing demands placed upon them
  9. Worship leader development lags in response to increased emphasis on performance and popular songs over sincere worship
  10. Wise financial resource stewardship that enables ministries to be healthy and strong


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