Dallas, TX Boot Camps: October 10, 2017 Conference: October 11-12, 2017



An Experience that will Change your Church

WFX emboldens churches of all sizes and traditions to think creatively about how they can unleash the power of their staff, buildings and technology, releasing needed change agents that can make a difference.

Education and training on current trending tools and technologies, and exposure to innovative and creative solutions at our expo solutions center, makes WFX a unique experience for church teams.


What is WFX?

WFX Conference and Expo is two and half days of education, hands-on training, networking, inspiration and exposure for every ministry team, including worship, tech, communications, facilities and administration. WFX is brought to you by the WFX Network.


The WFX Network

The WFX Network is the most influential family of events and media products for churches that are investing in their buildings, technology and staff to create stronger, growing and safer ministries. It is comprised of Worship Facilities Magazine,  Worship Tech Directors, WFX Conference & Expo and the REACH Conference. Designed as resources and references for church leadership, The WFX Network is a collection of market leading brands from EH Media. Learn more about our publications:

Worship Facilities magazine and WorshipFacilities.com are the authoritative source for churches seeking to maximize the ministry impact of resources, people and technology. Worship Facilities'  industry-leading content is designed to be read and shared as a resource for executive pastors, pastors, facilities managers, business administrators, operations managers, building committee members and other senior leadership.

Worship Tech Director is an online destination for church technical and creatives leading the technology and creative strategy, direction and execution for churches. Worship Tech Director’s industry-leading content dives deep into technology, leadership, and visual and creative processes.


WFX Network Partner

Church Production Magazine is the leading educational magazine for houses of worship covering audio, video and lighting technologies. CPM is now published 10 times per year and targets technical directors and other key technology decision makers at production-oriented houses of worship.