Dallas, TX Boot Camps: October 10, 2017 Conference: October 11-12, 2017



We're doing something NEW in 2017!

Countless testimonies speak to the impact WFX has on church teams and the subsequent effectiveness of their ministry reach in their surrounding communities. We’ve spent the year researching what churches are doing and what they want to learn about and are planning even bigger things for 2017! Join us for state of the art training and education that speaks to the emerging needs and demands of running a church today.

We are excited to introduce an expanded program and several new event highlights:
  • 5 unique conferences running concurrently, at the same time and at the same place, offering individual, yet cross-functional training for everyone. 
  • Pre-Conference Boot Camps from 1:00 pm-5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 10th. 
  • We Are Worship Conference presented by Integrity Music
  • New companies showcasing their latest products and services at the WFX 2017 Solutions Center Expo. 

What will I learn at WFX?

We have carefully listened to your problems and responded by creating the biggest conference and expo solution center in the country. WFX has accepted the challenge to help resolve the problems you face in the everyday management of your church by designing individual conferences that provide education and training for each member of your church team,  in environments small enough to make it easy to share concerns, find new ideas and take advantage of networking opportunities that help to collaborate on solving real problems.

An empowered and encouraged church staff is crucial to carrying out a vision. Whether you are a pastor, tech director, worship leader or lay leader in the church, developing the leadership gift of others on your team is part of your job. You can’t give away what you don’t have so personal growth and strengthening your own leadership abilities is essential. Training, inspiring, motivating or disciplining your staff are part and partial to a healthy and thriving church. 

WFX is where entire teams come together and get individualized training and education that inspire them to be change agents within their circle of influence.  Individual conferences include featured speakers, conference sessions, peer group discussions, boot camps and more.  Keynote speakers, general sessions, worship and dedicated expo times ensure that teams have plenty of time together as well. The biggest complaint we hear is, “There’s so much to choose from.”

5 Conferences include:

Next-Gen Building Conference

Facilities management is a dynamic, demanding, and sometimes lonely role.  Gather with others like you to sharpen your skills, share insights, identify the latest trends and capture new ideas in operations, facilities management, project management, energy efficiency, emergency management, and more...all while networking with church leaders and learning from industry professionals.There are limitless options related to planning, designing, financing and construction. All come with their own regulations and objectives - some of which are conflicting. Learn how to wisely steward your church’s facilities and resources, and better utilize them in expanding your ministry’s outreach.

  • Project Design: The Pre-flight Checklist
  • Project Design: Building a Sustainable Ministry
  • AVL Design: Master Planning Your AVL for New Buildings Or Renovations
  • Project Design: 10 Major Societal Changes That Will Affect Your Ministries and the Project You’re Planning
  • Defining the Project, Establishing the Budget, and Finding the Money
  • Project Design: How to Make Your Church Café and What it Takes for it to Thrive
  • Project Design: Creating a Firm Foundation: Avoiding the Most Common and Costly Mistakes
  • Master Planning for New Buildings or Renovations
  • Project Design: Reach More People by Designing to Meet the Needs of Your Neighborhood or Region
  • AVL Design: Upgrading to LEDs?: Things to Think About So it Doesn't Go Horribly Wrong
  • Architects, Contractors, Engineers: Who Does What?
  • Project Design: Understanding the Return On Investment for Worship Spaces
  • Project Design: Contour of Light: Understanding Light and Lighting to Create a Total Virtual Sanctuary Environment
  • Project Design: Expanding Your Footprint by Using Exterior Square Footage
  • Communicating With Your Worship Environment - It's Not Only About the Music
  • Project Design: From Vision to Reality - The Architectural Journey that Ensures a Customized Design for Your Ministry
  • Project Design: Design Matters! Trends that Improve Ministry Opportunity
  • Project Design: The Shared Design Process: Ministry-Based Approach to Planning and Building
  • The "Call" to Multi-site and the Math Behind It 
  • AVL Design: Beyond Content: Integrating Media, Video and Lighting for the Inclusive Worship Experience
  • Project Design: Church Reimagined: Case Study for Mixed Use Development with Your Church as the Centerpiece
  • Project Design: The Contractors Role: Cost Control and Project Contribution
  • Designing A New AVL System: The Relationship Between Integrator and End User
  • Project Design: New Location, New-Build vs. Expand (Invest vs. Divest)
  • Project Design: Designing with Millennials in Mind
  • Is it Time to Renovate, Build or Expand?
  • AVL Design: LED Walls, Multi-Screen and Environmental Projection
  • The Science of Scheduling Church Facilities
  • Giving Back to Your Community With Event Hosting
  • Facilities Management: 1 Site, 2 Sites, 3 Sites...more. What You Need To Know To jubble It All.
  • Wayfinding: Are You Laying Out the Welcome Mat?
  • Managing The Old and preparing for the New
  • Multi-site Essentials

Church Communications Conference

There’s no one-size-fits-all communications plan for a church. Rules and tools change daily. In addition, social media has become a core component of every communications plan, but it seems best practices for harnessing its power change daily. Learn about the most current and effective tools for communicating and how to apply them to extend your in-reach and out-reach.

  • Creating Compelling Visual Content for Service and Communication
  • Streaming as a Form of Digital Evangelism
  • Help! We don't have a Communications Person, Now What?
  • The Art of Sermon Series Planning and Production
  • Utilizing Mobile App Technology as a Powerful Ministry Tool
  • Advanced Web Based Technology for Church and Ministry
  • Grow Your Live Stream Audience and Convert Them Into Committed Members
  • What's Really Involved When Launching an Online Church Campus
  • Strategies and Tactics to Make Your Internal Communications Effective
  • Using Digital Signage and Media to Encourage Engagement
  • Demystifying the Millennial Mindset: Using Media to Connect

Church Safety & Security Conference

​In light of how unpredictable today's world is, we have gathered a collaboration of experts in the field of Safety and Security to help us understand best practices when it comes to protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our property from criminal and terrorist acts. We are called to safeguard and protect human life, and to be diligent...

1 Peter 5:8 
Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

  • Managing Access Control and Survelience Monitoring
  • Simplified Lightning Risk Assessment to Deter Vandalism and Crime
  • Civil Liability, Risk and Threat Assessment and Asset Management
  • Active Shooter Response for Church Campuses
  • How to Assess When to Hide, Fight or Flee 
  • Emergency Evacuation for Large Assembly Spaces
  • Planning and Conducting a Successful Active Shooter Drill
  • Preparing Your Community for Active Shooter Events
  • Crisis Communication: How to Efficiently Inform Parents, Students, and Staff During an Active Emergency Using Various Media, Texts, Alerts, Digital Signage, etc.
  • Prevention: The Importance of Practical Safety and Security Training
  • Guidelines for Responding to a Victim; The Need For an Emergency Medical Team
  • How to Command Control: Verbal and Physical De-escalation Techniques
  • How to Implement a Protection Response Team Using Your Church Members
  • Parent-Child Reunification After a Crisis

Tech Arts Conference

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. The Tech Arts Conference will challenge you and your team with new ideas, techniques and skills related to audio, video, lighting and streaming. The cummulative effect of training together, launches teams to the next level quickly.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Don’t miss the 7th Annual Tech Leaders Retreat Boot Camp. This intensive will give you indepth exposure to valuable training, insights and opportunity to collaborate on solving real problems associated with your church. Tuesday, October 10, 1:00 p.m.– 5:00 p.m. Click here to learn more.

  • Ear Set vs. Head Worn Microphones
  • The Impact of High-pass Filtering in Your Mixes
  • Mixing Console Form & Function
  • The Drums are Too Lous
  • Beyond Content: Integrating Media, Video and Lighting for the Inclusive Worship Experience
  • In-Ear Monitoring Mmixong
  • Church Sound Judgement: Choosing the Right Audio For Your production
  • Wireless Microphones and Spectrum Changes
  • Lighting Migrating to LED for Sanctuary Color and Energy Efficiency
  • Can Environmental Projection Solve Your Traditional vs. Contemporary Problem? Learn How EP Can Change the Look and Feel
  • Hands on Lighting Programming
  • Controlling Volume-How to Mix to Make the Band and Audience Happy
  • Lighting Camera/Video: IMAG & Streaming- What, Why, How?
  • Leveraging the Evolving Technologies and Standards for IP-Based Live Production
  • The Power of Using Band Tracks and Clicks
  • Advantages of IP-Networking for Audio and Video Devices
  • Audio: Effective Use of Compressors and Limiters
  • Video: Choosing the Proper Technology for Live Distribution
  • Second Screen Broadcasting: The Future of Church Streaming
  • Show Networking, and Data Distribution management 
  • Wireless Microphones and Spectrum Changes
  • AVL Design: Upgrading to LEDs?: Things to Think About So it Doesn't Go Horribly Wrong
  • Project Design: Understanding the Return On Investment for Worship Spaces
  • Project Design: Contour of Light: Understanding Light and Lighting to Create a Total Virtual Sanctuary Environment
  • Communicating With Your Worship Environment - It's Not Only About the Music
  •  AVL Design: Beyond Content: Integrating Media, Video and Lighting for the Inclusive Worship Experience
  • Designing A New AVL System: The Relationship Between Integrator and End User
  • AVL Design: LED Walls, Multi-Screen and Environmental Projection

We Are Worship Conference Presented by: Integrity Music

WFX offers comprehensive training with renowned worship leaders and artists. Being a forerunner and blazing the trail to the throne room of heaven is both a calling and a gift, making us responsible for being good stewards of our talents and resources. WFX offers affordable skill-based training, inspiration, and refreshment, along with insight into how to balance confidence and humility, leadership and submission, and a spirit of excellence absent of pride. If our heartfelt desire is to offer God the praise and worship he deserves, then, should we not invest in doing so with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our strength?

  • (Master Class) How And Why Did They Do That?
  • Not Just Rock 'N Roll - Utilizing Multiple Styles in Worship
  • How To Lead Worship In Any Culture
  • Introducing Worship in Different Languages
  • Don't Let the Radio Determine Your Worship Set
  • Producing a Label Band Within Your Church
  • Bridging the Racial Divide Through Worship
  • Creating a Culture of Worship
  • The Potential Dangers of the Platform
  • Worship and Discipleship
  • Flowing in Worship
  • Crafting A Sound That Invites The Congregation To Enter In
  • Making Hymns Work
  • Creative Programming for Culturally Diverse Churches
  • Behind the Scenes Tour: Live Event Production
  • The Heart and Art of the Worshipping Musician
  • Song Review
  • Vocal Training Workshop