Dallas, TX Boot Camps: October 10, 2017 Conference: October 11-12, 2017

Be a Speaker

Be a Speaker

2017 Call for Speakers is OPEN! 

WFX and REACH have a unique niche in the event marketplace, offering a strong topical and functional education platform along with the largest national solutions center in the country. We garner speakers who are highly regarded church leaders and industry experts making our event one of the most respected in the country. We look forward to your proposal ideas and how we can together, create an unmatched learning experience.

Are you Interested in Speaking?

You are able to submit proposals to either or both WFX Conference & Expo and REACH. While there are similarities, there is also a difference. While both WFX and REACH curates an unrivalled education platform that is affordable for church teams to attend, WFX Conference & Expo is a national event held in an expo center, while the REACH Conference is held in a church setting providing the essential educational elements of the national WFX in 1½ days. Please review the Speaking Guidelines below to learn about the application process and how to submit your speaking proposal.

If you have any questions, please email Beth Vinton (BVinton@EHpub.com) or call 508-663-1500x479.



WFX Conference & Expo is the largest educational and training event for churches looking to find creative solutions, experience hands-on training, and make relevant connections through valuable networking opportunities. WFX participants include staff leaders and lay leaders, decision makers and key influencers, executive staff, administrators, building and facilities managers, technical directors, technical team members, communications directors, worship leaders, worship teams and more.

General Information

Speaker Benefits

Speakers are given an additional complimentary full conference pass for an associate or someone from your church team. A speaker’s lounge is available throughout the conference and is intended to be for speakers exclusively.

Financial Responsibility

Speakers assume responsibility for their own travel arrangements and payments.

Marketing/Presentation Materials

In order to effectively market the WFX program,  speakers must adhere to all deadlines unless an extension has been agreed to or risk being dropped from the conference. Session proposals will not be considered and speaker and session profiles will not be added to our website until all required materials in the application are provided. WFX reserves the right to edit session content for consistency and style. WFX must be contacted in the event of a speaker substitution as soon as possible and all changes must be approved by WFX. We historically, have a long waiting list of qualified speakers eager for a teaching slot so please let me know immediately if you are unable to participate for any reason. 

Companies - Please Read This!

  • You do not need to commit to be an exhibitor at WFX in order to submit your speaking proposal BUT, if you are selected to speak, you must then agree to exhibit and adhere to all speaker related deadlines and other requirements. If you are part of a panel session, please note that any person speaking on behalf of a company other than yours, must also agree to exhibit. Contact Laura McDermott at LMcdermott@mygmail.EHpub.com or 800-598-6031, extension 267 for exhibiting related information. 
  • WFX is incredibly expensive to produce! Your exhibiting fees make it possible to keep the church attendee registration price as low as possible, resulting in a well-qualified audience positioned in front of you both in your session and on the expo floor.
  • WFX promotes peer-to-peer learning which offers company credibility to the audience as well. If selected to speak, you must include a co-presenter from a church, non-profit, or para ministry as part of your presentation.
  • Beware! Sessions that are overtly self-promoting, have a company bias, or feel like a sales pitch are strongly disliked by the attendees who say so on session evaluations.

What We Need

Your Information

  • Contact information
  • Organization or personal URLs (depending upon which you feel is more appropriate)
  • Bio (1000 character limit)
  • Speaker’s last 3 speaking engagements (if applicable)
  • Head shot (high resolution, minimum of 200x200 pixels)

Your Co-Presenters’ Information (if applicable)

  • Contact information (name, title, organization, phone, email)
  • Bio (1000 character limit)
  • Head shot (high resolution, minimum of 200x200 pixels)



To optimize a more immersive and interactive learning experience for the attendee, WFX will consist of 5 different conferences running concurrently with their own boot camps, featured speakers, workshop intensives and peer group discussion sessions. Tuesday afternoon boot camps are 2 to 6 hour, deep dive intensives, in an immersive and interactive learning environment. Wednesday and Thursday teaching sessions are 45 minutes long, including 10 minutes for Q & A.

  1. Next-Gen Church Buildings Conference
    • Projects: Building and Sanctuary Design
      • Expanding Your Footprint by Using Exterior Square Footage
      • Ignite a Culture of Strategic Expansion: Practical Ways for Churches  to Design and Build With Reproduction in Mind
      • Architects, Contractors, Engineers: Who Does What?
      • The Construction Pre-flight Checklist
      • The Building and Planning Process
      •  Defining the Budget and Finding the Money
      • The Building Contractors Role: Cost Control and Project Contribution
      • Design Trends That Improve Ministry Opportunity 
      • Creating the Building Team that is Right for Your Church: Understanding Various Service Provider Types 
      • The Architectural Journey That Optimizes Ministry  
      • Preparing to Build: Site Selection and Planning 
      • The Building Contractors Role: Cost Control and Project Contribution
      • Master Planning for New Buildings Or Renovations 
      • Casting and Communicating Vision for Your Building Project 
      • Building a Sustainable Ministry
      • Is It Time To Renovate, Build or Expand
      • Other
    • Facilities/Operations
      • Building Accessibility
      • The Science of Scheduling for Church Facilities
      • Giving Back To Your Community With Event Hosting
      • Facilities Management- 1 site, 2 sites, 3 sites, more...What you need to know to juggle it all.
      • The "CALL" to Multi-Site: The Math Behind It
      • Financing Options
      • Multi-use Scheduling
      • Wayfinding
      • Managing the Old and Preparing for the New
      • Why do Master Planning
      • Multisite Essentials
      • Other
  2. Church Communications Conference
    • Branding & Communication Strategies for Multi-sites and Church Plants
    • Take Advantage of Advertising Opportunities Available Through Social Media Platforms
    • Calendaring Manageable Workflow to Satisfy Everyone
    • Small Church Communication Strategies
    • Outreach Event Planning
    • Streaming and Online Campus Development
    • Planning and Executing Your New Website
    • Streaming Basics and Equipment Essentials
    • Demonstrating the "WIN" in Your Communication Efforts
    • Finding and Expressing Your Church’s Unique Communications Voice
    • Web Analytics and SEO
    • Graphics and Video Creation
    • Digital Storytelling
    • Communication Essentials for the Small Church
    • How to Create a Social Media Content Plan
    • Selecting the Right Social Media Platform
    • Solutions for Managing Multiple Social Media Profiles
    • How to Create a Communication Strategy
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Platforms and Measurement
    • Social Media Strategizing and Execution
    • Overcoming Inter-ministry Communication Challenges
  3. The Tech Arts Conference
    • Tech Director
      • Behind the Scenes Leadership and Best Practice
      • There’s BIG Ministry Opportunity in Their Big Show-How Your Tech's Skill Can Create Community Connection
      • The Never Ending Quest-The Cutting Edge is Always Worth Knowing About, Tony Hill, AV Integraton
      • Leadership and Best Practices
      • How Your Team’s Tech Talent Can Create Community Connection
      • The Never Ending Quest to Know About The Latest and Greatest Solutions
      • Planning For The Special Production On Top Of The Weekly Service
      • Recruiting, Training, and Leading Loyal Volunteers
      • Everything You Need To Know to Do a Major Technology Upgrade
      • Video Display and Lighting  Install and Design 
      • AVL Design: Upgrading to LEDs?: Things to Think About So it Doesn't Go Horribly Wrong
      • What to Know Before Selecting a Digital Mixer - How to Select one that Matches Your Team's Skill Level 
      • Design and Installation Considerations for Audio System or Sound Reinforcement
      • Tech Trends That Will Impact Engagement 
    • Tech Team
      • Tech Team: Solving Myriad Issues: The Advantages of Ear set and Head Worn Microphones.
      • Tech Team: Mix Essentials: Don’t Overlook the Impact of High-pass Filtering in Your Mixes
      • Tech Team: Mixing Console Form and Function
      • Tech Team: Mixiing Challenge-Audio
      • Tech Team: Church Sound Reinforcement for an Audiophile Audience
      • Tech Team: Sound Judgement: Choosing The Right Audio For Your Production 
      • Solving Myriad Issues: The Advantages of Ear set and Head Worn Microphones
      • Mix Essentials: Don’t Overlook the Impact of High-pass Filtering in Your Mixes
      • Mixing Console Form and Function.
      • Mixiing Challenge-Audio: Yamaha(Jake), Digico; (Brian Poole, Elevation Church
      • Church Sound Reinforcement for an Audiophile Audience, (Matt Grabe, Mosaic)
      • Sound Judgement: Choosing The Right Audio For Your Production
      • Ear Set vs. Head Worn Microphones
      • The Impact of High-pass Filtering in Your Mixes
      • Mixing console Form and Function
      • The Drums are Too Loud
      • Beyond Content: Integrating Media, Video and Lighting for the Inclusive Worship Experience 
      • In-Ear Monitor Mixing 
      • Church Sound Reinforcement for an Audiophile Audience
      • Church Sound Judgment: Choosing the Right Audio For Your Production
      • Wireless Microphones and Spectrum Changes  
      • Lighting: Migrating to LED for Sanctuary Color and Energy Efficiency
      • Can Environmental Projection Solve Your Traditional vs. Contemporary Problem? Learn How EP Can Change The Look and Feel from One Service to Another 
      • Hands On Lighting Programming 
      • Controlling Volume - How to Mix to Make the Band and Audience Happy 
      • Lighting Camera/Video: IMAG & Streaming- What, Why, How? 
      • Leveraging the Evolving Technologies and Standards for IP-Based Live Production 
      • The Power of Using Band Tracks and Clicks 
      • Advantages of IP-Networking for Audio and Video Devices 
      • Audio: Effective Use of Compressors and Limiters 
      • Video: Choosing the Proper Technology for Live Distribution 
      • Second-Screen Broadcasting: The Future of Church Streaming   Show Networking and Data Distribution Management
      • Wireless Microphones and Spectrum Change
  4. Safety & Security Conference
    • Managing Access Control and Surveillance Monitoring
    • Simplified Lightning Risk Assessment to Deter Vandalism and Crime
    • Civil Liability, Risk and Threat Assessment and Asset Management
    • Active Shooter Response for Church Campuses
    • How to Assess When to Hide, Fight or Flee 
    • Emergency Evacuation for Large Assembly Spaces
    • Planning and Conducting a Successful Active Shooter Drill
    • Preparing Your Community for Active Shooter Events
    • Crisis Communication: How to Efficiently Inform Parents,
    • Students, and Staff During an Active Emergency Using
    • Various Media, Texts, Alerts, Digital Signage, etc.
    • Prevention: The Importance of Practical Safety and
    • Security Training
    • Guidelines for Responding to a Victim; The Need For an
    • Emergency Medical Team
    • How to Command Control: Verbal and Physical De
    • escalation Techniques
    • How to Implement a Protection Response Team Using
    • Your Church Members
    • Parent-Child Reunification After a Crisis
    • Access Control
    • First Responder Teams
    • Surveillance
    • Other
  5. WeAreWorship Conference presented by Integrity Music
    • (Master Class) How And Why Did They Do That?
    • Not Just Rock 'N Roll - Utilizing Multiple Styles in Worship
    • How To Lead Worship In Any Culture
    • Introducing Worship in Different Languages
    • Don't Let the Radio Determine Your Worship Set
    • Producing a Label Band Within Your Church
    • Sustained Worship Team Training: Understanding the Worship Initiative
    • Bridging the Racial Divide Through Worshi
    • Creating a Culture of Worship
    • The Potential Dangers of the Platform
    • Worship and Discipleship
    • Crafting A Sound That Invites The Congregation To Enter In
    • Flowing in Worship
    • Making Hymns Work
    • Creative Programming for Culturally Diverse Churches
    • Behind the Scenes Tour: Live Event Production
    • Making Hymns Work
    • The Heart and Art of the Worshiping Musician
    • Song Review
    • Vocal Training Workshop

Title and Session Description

A good title and description allows participants to assess the content and clearly understand how they will benefit from attending.

For helpful hints on how to write a killer conference session title and description that attracts attendees go to:




Tell us what church size will most benefit from your session:

  • Small (1-300 seats)
  • Medium (301-800 seats)
  • Large (801-2,000 seats)
  • Mega (2,001+ seats)
  • All

Session Format

Will you be the only presenter at your session or will you have a co-presenter or will it be a panel session that you are moderating?

  • Please note that panel sessions cannot have more than 3 speakers plus a Moderator and at least 1 speaker must be a church representative.
  • Companies Please Note: If selected to speak, you must bring a customer/church representative(s) to co-present or participate in a panel discussion with you.