Dallas, TX Boot Camps: October 10, 2017 Conference: October 11-12, 2017


For Speakers



  • Speaker Agreement (please sign and return to BVinton@EHPub.com or fax to 508-663-1595) 
  • Confirm the following:
    • Contact details of co-presenters (if applicable)
    • Previously filed contact information, head shot and bio details.
  • Click here to schedule a phone call  to answer questions or to finalize topic/content.

DUE BY April 1, 2017:

1st draft of presention (PowerPoint template required)

  • Only speakers for single speaker sessions or the Moderator/Lead Presenter of panel sessions are responsible for submitting presentations. Panelists do not need to provide any additional presentations.​
  • Outline or notes:  attendees consistently request outlines and/or copies of PPT decks to be available at the session to help with their own personal note taking. Speakers are responsible for supplying these handouts.  Onsite photo copying is generally not available.  Attendance numbers vary greatly but we will do our best to help you estimate how many handouts to have available for your session closer to the conference time. 

1 minute video for WFX marketing

  • The video does NOT need to be formal or professional – let your creativity flow! Many people make these videos on their smart phone or using the camera in their laptop computer; it is simply a way for attendees to get a sneak peek at you as a presenter and what they will learn if they attend your session.

Email your presentation materials to Beth Vinton at BV@EHpub.com

DUE BY May 1, 2017:


Topical article for Worship Facilities Magazine​​

  • The article is NOT meant to be a session "teaser" to get people to attend your session, but rather is meant to be an informative article about the general topic for people who are NOT attending your session.

WFX and WFM’s has discretion to publish and edit copy, and articles may be published on www.worshipfacilities.com and/or sent out in a newsletter deployment

  • Articles should be 600-800 words

Email your article to Beth Vinton, BVinton@EHpub.org

DUE BY August 1, 2017:

FINAL draft of presentation (PowerPoint template required)

  • Only speakers for single speaker sessions or the Moderator/Lead Presenter of panel sessions are responsible for submitting presentations. Panelists do not need to provide any additional presentations.

Email your presentation to Allyson Yorks at ayorks@ehpub.com

Event Dates and Location

October 10-12, 2017

(Boot camps Tuesday, October 10, 12:30-5pm)

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

650 S Griffin St
Dallas, TX 75202

Hotel and Travel Information

IMPORTANT: We do not use third parties to coordinate reservations. If you should receive a call from a third party, please ignore.

Aloft Dallas Downtown - 1033 Young St, Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 761-0000
Group Rate: $189/night
Cutoff Date: Monday, September 25, 2017
Please call the reservation center at (877) 562-5638
or the hotel directly at (214) 761-0000 to book your room

Crown Plaza Dallas - 1015 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202
Group Rate: $154/night
Cutoff Date:  Monday, September 25, 2017

Please call the reservation center at (214) 742-5678 or
click HERE to book your room online



  • As a speaker, you do NOT need to register. All presenters will be provided with the proper credentials for a full conference and expo access. Your admission packet will be available onsite at the registration hub.
  • Speakers are entitled to bring one associate to the conference FREE of charge. To take advantage of this offer, please email BVinton@ehpub.com with your guest's name and email address.
    • Bootcamp passes are available for $55 each. To add this to your guest's registration, please call 508-663-1500 x479 or email BVinton@ehpub.com. 

Speaking Information


  • Speak to your audience: WFX attracts attendees from churches that vary in size. Attendees find course material to be most valuable when they feel that the ideas presented are realistically attainable, regardless of their size or budget. Past presenters have found it useful to informally poll the audience, i.e. show of hands, at the start of the session to understand to whom they are speaking (small churches, large churches, job types, etc.).
  • Allow time for questions/conversation: WFX participants are most engaged when their questions are being answered. Additionally, the questions asked helps you to address the needs of the audience and poromotes peer to peer learning.
  • Use your PowerPoints wisely: WFX recommends keeping your slide deck short and sweet. You should provide outlines or copies of your full PPT presentation to support note-taking. On-site photo-copying is not available so please come prepared with enough copies for your session participants. 
  • Be mindful of your session time slot:  WFX provides participants with a set schedule of seminars, workshops, and other industry events.  In order to maximize the attendee experience, it is important that all events start and stop at times specified in our published schedules.  Please be sure to abide by the time frame given to your particular session.  There will be a minimum of 15 minutes in between each seminar, during which you may set-up and tear down your equipment. Please be respectful of the next presenter in the room and continue any post-session conversations outside of the meeting room.

Speaking Guideline Questions? Contact Beth Vinton  at bvinton@ehpub.com or 508-663-1500x479, or click here to schedule a phone call.)


Participants consistently request outlines and/or copies of PPT decks to be available at the session to help with their own personal note taking. Speakers are responsible for supplying these handouts.  Onsite photo copying is generally not available.  Please email me your handouts and I will give you my best guestimate for how many you should bring. WFX is nto able to print presentations for on-site distribution. 


  • (1) Handheld Microphone
  • (1) Wireless Lavaliere Microphone
  • LCD Projector (16:9 aspect ratio) and necessary cabling. Projectors will have HDMI, VGA and DVI cables available. Using a MAC? see below...
  • Projection Screen (16:9 aspect ratio)

All presenters are expected to provide their own laptop computer for their presentation.

  • If you are using a PC, all necessary cables to connect to the projector will be provided for you.
  • If you are using a MAC, PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING A VGA CABLE TO CONNECT YOUR MAC TO THE PROJECTOR – we will NOT have MAC cables available.


  • All presentations should be prepared on the WFX 2017 PowerPoint template (16:9 aspect ratio to ensure proper display on screen and so they can be used as handouts if you wish).
  • If you are unable to use your own laptop, would like to inquire about additional equipment, or need guidance in setting up your slide deck, please call 508-663-1500 x483 or email ayorks@ehpub.com.

NOTE: Conference sessions may be recorded with the intent of distributing them to attendees post conference. Item 6 of the attached speaker agreement indicates that you agree to this.  If you do not wish to have your session recorded, please tell us immediately.

Social Media

We know that you have extremely important information to share with the WFX community and we want to partner with you to spread the word. There are some very simple ways we can grow our audience TOGETHER. Here are some ways you can help by promoting your speaking engagement on all the social media platforms that you use (websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

  • Follow us on Twitter (@WFX2017)
  • Like us on Facebook (facebook.com/WFXEvents)
    • Mention us on your Facebook posts (include this link: www.wfxweb.com)
  • Follow us on Instagram (instagram.com/wfxevents)
    • Mention us in your posts (#WFX2017)

Please help us spread the word SOON...and continue to do so throughout the event. Let’s fill your conference session TOGETHER.

Onsite Information


Your onsite contact for any show-related questions or problems is Beth Vinton, who can be reached via the registration hub or speaker office.  Your secondary contact is Allyson Yorks, also available via the registration hub.


A designated speaker lounge for presenters only will be available as a quiet meeting and work area off of the show floor.  It will contain tables, chairs, and light refreshments. You will be notified of room location at registration check-in.


We need your help...In order to continuously provide quality education for our attendees, it is important that we receive their feedback. WFX evaluation forms rate the session content, preparedness of speaker, and bias of company presentations.  Additionally, they provide a means by which we can improve upon the conference program as well as offering you valuable feedback that helps you to develop as a speaker. Please encourage attendees to complete session evaluations and appropriate the last few minutes of your session to doing so. Room monitors will collect them before the next session begins. 

Marketing Opportunities

WFX encourages its conference faculty to aid in the promotion of their seminar presentations to ensure maximum attendance. Our marketing group would be happy to work with you to develop promotional messages to spread the word about your appearance at WFX. There are several opportunities for marketing your presence at WFX.  Please contact Amie Green at 508-663-1500 x225 or agreen@ehpub.com for more information.