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Roland Systems Group: Roland M-480 Digital Console

URL: http://www.rolandsystemsgroup.com" target="_blank">http://www.rolandsystemsgroup.com

Price: $11,795

Date Shipped: 15-Apr-11


The Roland M-480 is the new flagship V-Mixer console and boasts a powerful new mixing engine, providing a premium console choice. But the M-480 is more than a digital mixing console; it is the heart of a V-Mixing System with perfectly integrated Digital Snakes, Personal Mixing and Multi-Channel Recording components. The flexibility and expandability of the V-Mixing System with console, snake, personal mixing and recording make this console the perfect choice to center your audio needs in a worship environment.

The M-480 V-Mixer features 48 mixing channels and 6 stereo returns for a total of 60 channels. Bussing is strong with a total of 27 consisting of 16 auxiliaries, 8 matrices and full support for Mono, Stereo or LCR sound design. With a configurable choice of available digital I/O boxes, the M-480 can support up to 90 inputs and 90 outputs—all fully assignable via the digital patchbay.  The patchbay also has the unique ability to route any input to any output without going through the mixer. Each mixing channel includes 2 stages of dynamics processing, 4-band PEQ, and delay. Dedicated 4-band PEQ, limiting and delay are available on every output.

The friendly and intuitive interface applauded across the V-Mixer lineup has been retained in the M-480, making it easy to learn and easy to use for the volunteer or novice sound operator in the church. New users will also appreciate the integrated and context-sensitive help system that can teach volunteer operators on how to use the console.

The console features rapid recall of setups/scenes, 25—100mm motorized faders, a high-res color screen, and dedicated channel strip knobs for all bands of EQ, as well as Pan and Gain. Effects processing is strong with six superb quality dual-mono effects processors as well as twelve 31-band GEQs. Built-in stereo recording/playback uses uncompressed WAV files via USB flash drive.

In addition to these powerful features the M-480 has a “Cascade” function allowing two units to be connected together enabling a 96-channel mixing solution.  This is an ideal solution for churches that need the flexibility to produce larger events when the need arises. The two connected consoles share AUX/Matrix/Main/Solo buses with bi-directional communication allowing a very compact, affordable and powerful high channel mixing solution.

The two 40-channel assignable output patchbays are ideally used with the renowned M-48 Personal Mixing system and with the new R-1000 48-Track Recorder/Player. The R-1000 in particular can be used as a multi-channel recorder or player and is perfectly suited for live multi-channel capture or virtual soundchecks, backing tracks, and training.

The M-480 V-Mixer integrates with PCs via its Remote Control Software for additional control or sending/receiving setup data allowing users to prepare channel setups and configurations before arriving at the church. When connected via USB it allows independent control of the M-480.

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